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2018 SST Scholarship Opportunities

May 2017 – Professor Pfleging Scholarship Winner, Merrick Kovatch, receives congratulations from Dan Gillette ’97 & FSMAA President, AJ McAllister ’80, Paul Jennings ’83.


Deadline Extended to March 5, 2359 hours.

Applications received after 0000 hours on March 6, 2018 WILL NOT be considered.

All essays are REQUIRED to be in PDF format. Other formats will not be considered or awarded.

The time is NOW. You have until March 5, 2018, 2359 hours to apply for the FSMAA SST 2018 Scholarships. Don’t wait until the last minute.  It is our goal to disperse up to $250,000 in SST Scholarships for 2018! Do you have what it takes? Don’t be shy… APPLY, today.

The FSMAA will award the following:

• 1 – Full 90-day scholarship in the name of Prof. Edward Pfleging (engine) ((must fulfill requirements))
• 1 – Full 90-day scholarship in the name of Prof. Sembler (deck) ((must fulfill requirements)).
• $3,000 scholarship(s) •  1/c – 90 day, full cruise.
• $1,500 scholarship(s) • 2/c – 45 day cruise.
• 4 – $3,000 Scholarships in the name of the Class of 1965. Two engine, two deck, 2/c cadets.

• DEADLINE is March 5, 2018, 2359 hours.

Please fill out ALL necessary forms/documents.

  • View, print, download the scholarship application INSTRUCTIONS.
  • Download the REQUIRED TEMPLATE(S) for the scholarship(s) in which you are applying.
    • Template 1 – $3,000, $2,000 or $1,500 SST scholarship essay template.
    • Template 2 – Prof. Pfleging (engine) full tuition scholarship essay template.
    • Template 3 – Prof. Sembler (deck) full tuition scholarship essay template.
  • Once your essay(s) are complete, fill out the required form by clicking HERE and ATTACH your essay(s) in the required areas.

REMEMBER: It is YOUR responsibility to make sure that ALL documents are provided and attached to the submission form. ONLY PDF files will be accepted. Word doc or Pages docs will not be accepted or considered for awards.

Any questions, please email: and your inquiry will be forwarded to the Scholarship Chairperson.

Instructions & Templates

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