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Congratulations to all of our SST Scholarship Awardees!  Come back next year for your chance to apply again!

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Since 2004, the MCAA has provided, through our annual Summer Sea Term Scholarship Appeal, over $2,932,000 in support of Maritime College cadets embarking on their 1/C and 2/C cruises aboard the Empire State VI. The money raised from your generosity in response to this annual SST Scholarship Appeal is added to the interest and dividends of our regular scholarship endowment investments, to arrive at a total combined amount.

Many of our cadets and their families struggle to find the money to cover these expenses. Yet, they all recognize the value of the experience of the Summer Sea Term. Indeed, most of our reunion classes reflect on their own Summer Sea Terms as the single-most formative experience of those important college years. As alumni, we are committed to – and receive satisfaction from – helping this new crop of cadets as much as we possibly can.

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