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Maritime College Alumni Assoc. Membership Types


Annual Dues: $60

Members are defined as graduates of the New York Nautical School, the New York State Nautical School, the New York State Merchant Marine Academy, the New York State Maritime Academy, the New York State Maritime College, the State University of New York Maritime College or any successor institution thereto (collectively, the Maritime School at Fort Schuyler) who have been admitted to membership upon graduation and remain in good standing as hereinafter provided.

Upon graduation, you are entitled to free membership for the remainder of your year of graduation. Ex: If you graduate in May of 2019, your dues are free through the end of 2019. You must begin paying dues for the following calendar year.

Life 50

Annual Dues: $20

When a person reaches the 50th anniversary of their graduation they are automatically granted Life 50 membership and the reduced dues payments associated with it.

Life Membership

Annual Dues: $0

Life Membership was last offered in 2002. A member made a lump sum payment to cover dues payments for the rest of their life. This option is no longer available.

Cadet/Student and New Graduate

If you are currently attending SUNY Maritime College, you are entitled to the benefits of a Student Membership.  Dues for cadets/students are FREE during your years at The Fort!

New graduates are automatically members for the first calendar year of their graduation. Example, if you graduate in May of 2020, you begin paying dues in January 2021.


Honorary Members: are defined as persons who have distinguished themselves in affairs beneficial to the aspirations of the Corporation. They shall be elected by a unanimous vote of those present at a meeting of the Board of Directors, and approved by a majority of those present at the next subsequent Regular or Special Meeting of the Corporation. Honorary Members shall have all the privileges of membership except the right to vote or hold office in the Corporation.

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