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Chapter Contacts

President and main contact: Matthew Arnold, Class of 2010

Telephone: 617-818-5536



Upcoming Events

Chapter Meeting and Holiday Kick-Off!

Date: Thursday, November 14, 2019
Time: 1900 – ????
Place: Kickbacks Gastropub
Private Belgian Bar (downstairs)
910 King Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204

We will have a dedicated server and bartender for the evening in this very unique space. This is a kid-friendly event and private area for us, so bring them along if you please.

I will officially be relieving Nick Orfanidis ’73 as chapter president at this meeting. We will be celebrating Nick’s 5 years of dedication to the role and discussing several topics to increase participation as well as MCAA meeting minutes at the call to order.

My first order of business is to increase the number of meetings we have from 4 to 8, or even 10 if we have the interest. Most of us have to travel unexpectedly for work or are at sea during the fewer meetings we currently have now. My hope is to see more people by offering more meetings.

I am a member of the private club at Kickbacks, so if the event runs past 2200, I’ll bring you into the catacombs and share some of my personal collection of rare spirits and beer.

Lastly, I figured I’d try something fun and raffle off an extremely rare 2019 Sam Adams Utopia to pay for the event space (3rd party value $500). Provided I can sell a minimum of 15 tickets at $20 a pop, it will be going to someone that night. Otherwise, the event space is my gift to you. We will also have some Maritime hats we can add to the raffle, donated by Alumni Bill Kelly.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Best Regards,

Matthew Arnold ’10
Crowley Port Engineer


Parking Information
There is street parking available, but this parking lot is a guarantee. As info, the streets leading to this area become one lane a few blocks from Kickbacks. You will need to pull to the side and let cars pass in certain areas before you can travel. (Not an issue, just didn’t want anyone to be surprised).

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