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Update:  December 10, 2015:
Last year at this time, upon news of the loss of funding for the Club Ice Hockey team of NY Maritime Privateers, we reached out to sports-loving alumni & friends, as well as former hockey players, and family & friends of the current team. You showed your love with $12,000 within a few days, and kept us on the ice! From the bottom of our skates, we thank you.

We are still on the ice for this 2015 – 2016 season, and are getting stronger, and are continuing to raise funds of our own. We ask for additional continued support from you on two fronts, with a fundraising goal of $15,300:

* Ice time for practice.
Practice makes such a difference in our performance. We figure if we can get a mere 12 hours of practice across this season, our results will turn around. Those 12 hours at $550 cost $6,600.

* Uniform appeal.
We play with all our heart. For us to add the professional touch, however, we need proper uniforms. For each of the 29 players to wear a new uniform at $300 each, the cost is $8,700.

For the first 50 who can provide support in the amount of $300 – the cost of one uniform – (or greater), we will be sending you a special Hockey Challenge Coin. In order to receive yours, please email your name and address to:

For every donor, no matter the amount, we appreciate your contribution, and we will be taking a page in the Winter issue of the FSMAA Mariner to recognize all donors from the Dec 2014 GoFundMe appeal & this Dec 2015 GoFundMe appeal.

Saturday, January 16, 2016:
Rye Playland Ice Casino
1745 – 1800: Warm-up
1800 – 1830: Slower Pace (Running clock) Alumni only
1830 – 1845: Warm-up
1845 – 1930: Regular Pace Game: Alumni VS Current Team!
Post-game gathering: Rye Grill & Bar starting 2000.

Capt. William Ducey ’81, part of the 1981 Championship Team, and Associate Professor at Maritime College, will be handling the funds raised and presenting the check to the College.

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